Welcome to Oral History Queensland

Oral History Australia [OHA] is a non-profit body whose members practice and promote oral history.  The aims of OHA are:

  • promote discussion and training on all aspects of the methodology and ethical practices of oral history as a discipline and a means of gathering and preserving social and cultural history
  • foster preservation access and use of oral history collections
  • support State and Territory Oral History associations
  • provide a national voice on all aspects of oral history, and
  • link Australian oral historians to the international oral history movement.
These aims are shared by each state entity.
There are now associations in each state.  ACT is incorporated into NSW Branch.  NT is incorporated into SA Branch.
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Oral History Peer Support
You are invited to join other OHQ members on 21 August 2021 to discuss your current or proposed projects. This session is an opportunity to share what you are doing and to discuss with other oral history practitioners the challenges involved. Often this leads to fresh ideas and practical suggestions to consider. See our Workshops page for more information.


Historian Roger Horowitz sees many opportunities for collecting the oral histories of diverse populations, those who lived through historic events, those with specific expertise, those at all levels of society.

“Everybody has a story,” he said. “Oral histories bring students into a conversation with the past. By its nature, oral history engages the community.”

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