Ellis Island Immigration stories with dance

“Oral histories are among the most prized resources in historical research. They capture stories that otherwise might not have been written or lost. Chronicling the history of immigration in the U.S. is enriched by the stories of those who decided to leave their homelands, travel great distances often in difficult circumstances and arrive in a place where they might be permanently separated from their heritage, background and culture. Many immigrants quickly and outwardly adapt to their new environment but even as they assimilate into their new American homes many also still remember, preserve and identify proudly with the legacies of their homelands.” Read full story here.

Mobile Oral History Vehicle

“To convince more people to participate, IAS staff contacted Vahe Karapetian, a food truck entrepreneur and IAS donor, about converting a truck into a mobile recording studio and bringing the idea and process of interviewing to the community.” This vehicle is being used to collect oral histories from Armenian people in their area – an interesting way to do interviews. Read full article, with link to the website here.

Oral History Workshop

Oral History Queensland is conducting a Brisbane based workshop on 30 April 2022 for people interested in commencing an oral history project.  Led by OHQ President Elisabeth Gondwe, the workshop will introduce participants to project planning, ethics and permissions, techniques used in interviewing, recording, file management and transcription.  Elisabeth has delivered many oral history projects throughout her career.  Her role as curator at the North Stradbroke Island Museum on Minjerribah encourages oral traditions and a focus on community.  If you are interested in developing an oral history project or wish to record your family or community stories, this workshop is a great way to start.  We particularly encourage new members to attend.  Find out more here.

Singapore Online Symposium

Here’s a great opportunity to present at an online international symposium on the very timely topic: ‘Preservation and Sustainability: Two Sides of the Same Coin?’.  Check out the Call for Proposals issued by the National Archives of Singapore and the Southeast Asia Regional Branch of the International Council on Archives.  The symposium is being held 15-17 November 2022.  Learn more here.

Peace Corps Oral History Project

“The University of Maine at Farmington plans to present “Departures: Peace Corps Pandemic Stories,” a multimedia exhibit inviting audiences to engage with the voices and stories of Peace Corps Volunteers and staff who were impacted by the global suspension of Peace Corps programs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Between February and March 2020, the United States Peace Corps — a volunteer service agency established by President John F. Kennedy — evacuated over 7,000 volunteers from sites in more than 60 countries.” See full story with link to the video oral histories here.

Margaret Hamilton, Computer Programmer

“In the early 1960s, Margaret Hamilton began her career as a pioneering programmer and systems designer. And when NASA launched a series of missions that led to the first astronauts on the moon, Hamilton was director of the Software Engineering Division at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Instrumentation Laboratory, developing the mission’s onboard flight software.” Read more about this remarkable woman and watch her oral history interview video here.

Women’s Sport in Britain

“This Brunel Methods Masterclass YouTube video explored the methodological approaches, potentials, pitfalls and implications of uncovering untold stories of women in sport through oral history. The aim was to provoke thought and discussion on how researchers navigate oral history methods and consider why oral history methods are significant for understanding the lives of diverse women in sport. We also aimed to develop understanding of oral history methods and discuss the contribution of such methods for advancing knowledge about women in sport.” Watch the video here.

Astronaut Kathy Sullivan’s story

“Dr. Kathy Sullivan is “the most vertical girl in the world.” It’s a catchy phrase, but it doesn’t fully capture just how remarkable of a modern-day explorer she is. She was the first person to visit both space and the deepest spot in the oceans.” Read full story and click on link in story for her oral history interview here.