How We Used to Shop

Mick Fitzpatrick was an iceman who delivered the ice right into your kitchen. “I would get up about 3am, go down to Gallagher’s fuel and coal place in McNamara Lane to the stables to harness the horse to the cart. We’d load the ice into hessian bags and set off on our delivery route all over town. People never locked their doors in those days so we were able to go into the kitchen, deliver the ice and collect the money from on top of the chest without waking them,” he explained.  For full story click here.

Israel Story Podcasts

News stories about Israel often involve conflict—missile attacks, tension between secular and religious Jews—or tech startups and innovation incubators. While there is a definite thirst for information about Israel among U.S. Jews, there is only so much depressing news consumers can handle. Tech is great, but how exciting is the development of the USB port?  That’s where Israel Story comes in. The popular, growing podcast is about the people of Israel, and their unique characteristics. Hannah Barg, 27, is a St. Louis native and an Israel Story producer. The Solomon Schechter Day School alum is now doing what she loves—mainly, storytelling.  See full story here.

Veterans’ Affairs Oral History Project

David Watt was working in a menswear store in Palmerin St, Warwick when he was called up to serve in World War II.  He was 18 years old and, like the rest of his mates, thought the whole affair would be over in a couple of months.  Mr Watt’s personal account of his time at war will be added to hundreds of other veterans’ stories as part of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Oral History Project. For full story click here.

History of racist ‘sundown towns’ in Minnesota, U.S.A.

Although far from the violent racism that erupted in the South, Minnesota’s racial history is punctuated with chilling tales of hate.  And now there’s a website that tracks so-called “sundown towns,” where blacks were barred, discriminated against and even murdered.  For full story click here.