Greek Australians’ Stories

“Through their visual project “Greek Australians: In Their Own Image,” Australian documentary photographer Effy Alexakis and her historian collaborator Leonard Janiszewski have shone a light on a kind of Greek-Australian history that few are familiar with, with more than 2,000 recorded oral history interviews as well as various types of documentation.” Read more here.

Boston College Interviewee on Trial

Winston Rea believed loyalist leaders should have stopped the activities of the Shankill Butchers during the Troubles, his trial has heard. Mr Rea, from Springwell Road, in Groomsport, County Down, faces 19 charges relating to offences allegedly committed between 1973 and 1996. The 69-year-old denies all charges. The charges against Mr Rea are based on contributions the prosecution say he made to an oral history project at Boston College in the United States. Read more here.

Oral History of Caviar

“A memorandum of understanding was recently signed between the head of Iranian National Commission for the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Hojjatollah Ayyoubi, and the CEO of Specialized Agricultural Services Holding Company, Mohammad Mojabi, to found Iran’s National Caviar Museum. The museum will be located in the city of Kiashahr in the northern Gilan Province, Mehr News Agency reported. Based on the MoU, the two sides will collaborate on international issues related to caviar and for compiling the oral history of the Caspian Sea caviar.  Read full story here.

Sixth Floor Museum

“Dealey Plaza is widely hailed as the birthplace of Dallas, it’s also known for something much more grim — the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963.  A new digital exhibit at the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza will help visitors explore the events of Nov. 22, 1963 without ever having to leave their homes.  The interactive guide offers a variety of multimedia features, most notably a narrated walking tour that lets visitors explore the site of the Kennedy assassination.  The guide will be the first of its kind, as it offers a detailed history of Dealey Plaza.”  Oral history excerpts are included.  See the guide here.

First Black Officers in US Navy

“Dan Goldberg ’05 was searching the internet when he came across an obituary for Frank Sublett, one of the 13 Black men who integrated the U.S. Navy officers corps in 1944. “I thought: ‘That’s an interesting story. I’ve never heard of these guys,’” he says. “How did the U.S. Navy go from not allowing Black men to so much as be trained as electricians or quartermasters after Pearl Harbor to deciding to train them as officers two years later in the middle of a war? It seemed like a fascinating story with the backdrop of the men’s heroism and characters.”” Read full story about this new book here.

Remembering COVID-19

“Memory is pliable. How we remember the COVID-19 pandemic is continually being reshaped by the evolution of our own experience and by the influence of collective interpretations. By the summer of 2020, the Black Lives Matter protests, divisive partisan politics, and anger over extended lockdowns were all influencing how we remember the pandemic.” Read full story and listen to short interviews here.