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Committee Meeting 10.00 am Saturday 2 August 2014, Room 4D, Level 4, State Library of Queensland, Brisbane.

Telling Stories in Glenorchy

A new project, helmed by visual artists Sasha Huber and Petri Saarikko, celebrates this diversity and the community’s cohesion while preserving the rich tapestry of oral history and knowledge held by the elders of these cultures.  For full story click here.

Virtual Reality Film “Collisions”

Senior Indigenous Curator Margo Neale says Collisions tells the largely forgotten story of the Maralinga nuclear tests by the British between 1956 and 1963, largely through the words of Indigenous elder Nyarri Nyarri Morgan, who was there when it happened. When kangaroos were killed by the blasts he and others thought the food was a gift from the gods, but eating the meat made them sick. It was his first contact with Western culture.  For full story click here.

Orange Oral History Group

One of the best things about the Orange Oral History group is the diversity of the backgrounds of its members.  We are a miscellaneous lot, both men and women, and together we stimulate our memories and our thoughts on all manner of things.  This month our subject was shopping – what we bought, how we did it and where it was done.  As usual the discussion drew forth a lot of interesting stories and much laughter.  For full story click here.

Samuel Proctor Oral History Program

For its 50th anniversary, the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program is showing its highlight reel.  Since 1967, the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program has collected nearly 7,500 interviews and transcribed more than 150,000 pages of history notes.  The anniversary program, called “50 Years, 50 Faces,” is on the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program’s Facebook page. Free access to all of the program’s processed oral histories, videos, photographs, transcripts and more can be found online through their website. For full story, click here.

Some Oral History Basics

"How often has it been said, "I wish I had asked my mother/father/grandparents more questions before they died"?  The memories that could have been recorded for posterity are lost.  Wanting to emphasis the importance of oral history, Historic Saranac Lake hosted a special workshop to share the best way to achieve success."  This article has some good basics, click here for more.

Koolkhan Power Station

Sue Singleton of Eureka Heritage carried out a series of interviews with former workers of the Koolkhan Power Station as part of an overall heritage management program.  Robert Walker and Mike Lloyd of Essential Energy supported the idea for the oral history project when, after careful consideration, there was no reasonable alternative to the demolition of the buildings that housed the former Koolkhan Power Station.  For full story click here.

Oral History and Podcasts

James Andrew Miller is best known as the author of big oral histories about big media institutions. Now, Miller is taking his work to podcasting, and he’s bringing that fascination with the beginning of things with him.  For full story click here.

Raising Children

Bringing up children seems to depend very much on the times and the circumstances of the parents.  The Oral History group has experience of three generations of raising a family: their parents, the way they did it themselves, and the way it is done today. For full story click here.

Californian Migrant Farmworkers

An estimated 800,000 farmworkers in California make up over one-third of the national agricultural workforce. In his new book, Chasing the Harvest: Migrant Workers in California Agriculture, Thompson shares the oral histories of 17 farmworkers, who, in their own words, provide a “birth-to-now” narrative explaining how they got to the U.S. and what their lives have been like ever since. For full story click here.

Some Oral History “Basics”

When attendees were asked about their definition of oral history, the answers varied: personal stories, recollections, memories, told in the first person with a role in the story. Read full story here.