British Entertainment Industry OH Website

Just over three decades ago, delegates at the Association of Cinematograph, Television and Allied Technicians expressed concern that their colleagues’ experience, memories and insight was disappearing as they retired. As a result, they decided to form a history project to ensure those voices would continue to speak for generations to come.  Read story and find website link here.

Death of “Mother of Hubble”

“The astronomical community marked the passing of former NASA Chief of Astronomy Nancy Grace Roman earlier this week. Roman, who founded the agency’s program for space astronomy in 1959 and played a central role in planning and developing the Hubble Space Telescope, was the first woman to hold an executive position at NASA.”  For full story, including link to oral history click here.

Survivors of 1943 Bengal Famine

The notorious Bengal famine of 1943, which killed an estimated 35 million, many people sought a home in the Sunderbans in general and K-Plot in particular. Most of them were from Midnapore district, which was the worst affected. Turns out many of these famine survivors managed to give both tide and time a slip and are still around to tell their olden tale.  Read full story here.

Evelyn Berezin, Computer Scientist

Evelyn Berezin, a computer scientist who designed the world’s first word processor, has died at the age of 93.  In addition to revolutionizing how the world writes, Berezin also developed the first computer system for making airline reservations — and an automated banking system, a weapons-targeting calculator and gambling terminals for horse tracks, according to the BBC. Read the full story with a link to her oral history video recording here.