Oral history competition for schoolchildren

“Eastern Shore Public Library will host the 2019 Frances Bibbins Latimer Oral History Contest.  All Eastern Shore of Virginia middle and high school students are invited to video or audio record an interview with someone fifty years of age or older.  The fifteen to twenty minute interviews will cover the life of the person during their younger years. ”  This is a great example of having teenagers engaging with older people and recording their stories.  See full story here.

Oral histories in theatre

Luis Carlos Sotelo Castro, associate professor in Concordia’s Department of Theatre, transforms lives by turning the act of listening into a performance.  Now, the Canada Research Chair in Oral History Performance is getting set to launch his new Acts of Listening Lab at the Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling.  An innovative approach, see full story  here.

Retirement Village Oral Histories

“Condensing more than 100 years of history into 23 minutes is no easy task. But that’s what Phil Audibert is doing as he works with Dogwood Village to capture the life stories of some of its residents for “Memories: An Oral History Project.” For full story (with video trailer at bottom of article) click here.

British Entertainment Industry OH Website

Just over three decades ago, delegates at the Association of Cinematograph, Television and Allied Technicians expressed concern that their colleagues’ experience, memories and insight was disappearing as they retired. As a result, they decided to form a history project to ensure those voices would continue to speak for generations to come.  Read story and find website link here.

Death of “Mother of Hubble”

“The astronomical community marked the passing of former NASA Chief of Astronomy Nancy Grace Roman earlier this week. Roman, who founded the agency’s program for space astronomy in 1959 and played a central role in planning and developing the Hubble Space Telescope, was the first woman to hold an executive position at NASA.”  For full story, including link to oral history click here.