Death of Fred Moore

“Fred Moore was born in Cobar in New South Wales, lived in Lithgow and came to the Illawarra many times to support different struggles before he moved to Dapto to work in Nebo Colliery and later Australian Iron & Steel mine (a subsidiary of BHP at the time). He was active in the NSW Miners Federation for more than 30 years. Aged 14, Fred started work in the mines in Western NSW, coming to Dapto in 1952 from Cobar with his wife, May, and three children. He saw many mine deaths, had many close calls and lost a finger. He recalled how safety was the cardinal principle and the Miners Federation’s key focus. Where he worked “There was a mirror: it had a sign — you are looking at the person who is responsible for your safety.” Read full story about Fred’s activism and see a video interview excerpt here.

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