National Oral History Conference – Bursaries

One of the OHAA (Qld) Committee’s main functions is to provide support to you in your work in the field of Oral History.   To that end, the Committee would like to offer three bursaries of $500 to help members attend the 2011 National Oral History Conference being held in Victoria 7-9 October 2011. We would like to stress that at least one of the bursaries will be allocated to a regional member as part of our continued endeavours to provide adequate support to all areas of Queensland.
To be eligible for the Bursary, please provide the OHAA – Queensland Committee with the following information:
1. Half a page (no more than 250 words) about yourself indicating your involvement and/or achievements in oral history
2. Overview of your current oral history project
3. Community benefit: describe how your project will benefit the community (a sentence or two)
4. Describe how your project will enhance the development of oral history in our state (a sentence or two)
5. How are you going to acknowledge the OHAA – Queensland chapter?
6. Did you seek funds anywhere else?
If your application is successful you will be also required to contribute an article about the conference to our Newsletter/Blog. The article should be submitted no later than two months after the conference.
Although the number of bursaries are limited we strongly encourage you to apply.
Please send your applications to our Secretary, Suzanne Mulligan, on no later than 10 June 2011. Applications from unfinancial members will not be accepted and we would appreciate receiving your membership renewal (which will be due on 1 July 2011) with your application please.
Good Luck!

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