Pioneering Life in the Snowy Mountains

In Bold Horizon: High-country Place, People and Story (Rosenberg, 2018), Matthew Higgins leads us on a voyeuristic trek from Kosciuszko to Kiandra, from Brindabella to Bimberi and beyond, a journey that began with regular family visits to the snow as a seven-year-old and continues to this day with solo adventures across Australia’s rooftop.  For full story click here.

Mount Stromlo History

The historic Mount Stromlo Observatory Director's Residence was gutted when the fire swept through the Brindabella mountains and into Canberra on January 18, 2003, destroying about 500 homes.  Australian National University (ANU) Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics director Matthew Colless said visitors can again appreciate the historic significance of the building.  For full story click here.