Journalist reports on JFK assassination

Darwin Payne was a 26-year-old reporter for the Dallas Times Herald the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. Assigned to the rewrite desk, Payne dashed to Dealey Plaza and wound up being one of the first to speak to Abraham Zapruder about the home video that vividly froze the assassination in time. For full story click here.

Students contribute to JFK Project (USA)

“History is the ultimate reality show,” Dr. Clive Siegle said and students in history classes this semester have an opportunity in helping create it. During the semester, students chose to either interview someone who lived during the John F. Kennedy era or a war veteran (of any conflict, period or nationality). These interviews are being collected into a larger oral history and since all history classes at Richland are participating, this makes it the the largest oral history project in the nation said Siegle. For full story click here.