National Library & COVID-19

“In the 101 years since the ‘Spanish Flu’, the world has changed. Penicillin has been discovered, there has been a second World War and technological advancements have seen man walk on the moon and a device created that fits in your pocket that contains most of the knowledge known to the world. This device has increased the number of people with access to breaking news and largely changed the way it is consumed. It also means that the way we record history has changed. Gone are the days where the printed daily newspaper was the single source of truth. Now, people turn to websites and social media for to-the-minute updates on developing situations, like COVID-19.” Read full story here.

1918/19 Flu Pandemic

“The worst pandemic in recent history, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was the 1918 so-called “Spanish flu” pandemic, caused by a virus “with genes of avian origin.” This was caused by a different virus than COVID-19 – coronavirus, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine, Spanish flu hit America in the spring of 1918 and wasn’t finished with us until the summer of 1919.”  For full story click here. Here’s a link to the transcript of an oral history done with a nurse who worked during the pandemic.