Stories of the Great War

July 1, 2016, marked one-hundred years since the beginning of the devastating Battle of the Somme, one of the bloodiest of World War I. Dragging on for four months, it incurred more than a million casualties on both sides. By the time it finally ended – November of 1916 – the Allies had advanced less than 10 miles.  A new book, “The Great War,” by political cartoonist Joe Sacco, re-creates the first day of the Somme in a 24-foot long panorama. The images are rendered in relentless detail, starting with the beginning of the day, moving into the heartbreaking battle itself, and then the aftermath.This article has a number of links which are set out here:

World War I oral histories – these recordings were done in the 1970s or 1980s and don't have the best sound quality.

Joe Sacco, author/cartoonist of “The Great War” – Video of Joe Sacco showing his book.

Poetry of World War I

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