White House Guidebook

“The White House Historical Association has released the latest episode of its podcast, the 1600 SessionsThe First White House Guidebook: Mrs. Kennedy, National Geographic, and the White House Historical Association. In this episode, host and Association President Stewart McLaurin speaks with National Geographic Society’s Senior Director of Library and Archives, Renee Braden, who shares an oral history recorded with Bob Breeden, who was instrumental in the creation of the first White House Guidebook. The first Guidebook was published in 1962 as collaboration between First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, the new White House Historical Association, and the National Geographic Society.” Read full story here and click on the link above to listen to the podcast or watch the video of the story.

Presidential Chef Dies

“Henry Haller’s entree to the White House came in late 1965, after the executive chef hired by the Kennedys had quit, finding it beneath his dignity at long last to prepare food like the spare ribs, spoon bread and mashed garbanzo beans requested by the subsequent White House occupants, Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson.” Read fully story here which has a link to his oral history.